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Circle of empowerment: Carol from Almost Diplomatic

Posted by Martine de Leeuw on
Circle of empowerment: Carol from Almost Diplomatic

In this new serie we are featuring women who are part of our circle of empowerment. Meet Carol, multimedia lifestyle journalist and content creator who shares with you her daily life with her Almost Diplomatic account on Instagram as she is also a diplomats wife.

Tell us what does our mission - empowered women, empower women - means to you? 
Carol: "It's coming together to build each other up instead of tearing one another down. In a society that pushes us to compete against each other, collaboration, making space for other women who are of the same mindset, and empowering each other is our way of changing how things are done for the better."
Describe how you have supported us and why you chose us as a partner?
A: "Big fan of the work Notadaydream does in empowering women by giving them a sustainable source of income. I love spreading the word about what the team does so more people can support the cause."

How can we empower more women in our community? What steps can we take to create more opportunities for women? 
Carol:  "They say: "Give a man a fish, and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish, and you feed him for a lifetime." Giving women jobs that provide not just income but dignity and empowerment is something I will always support. I love how the team of Not a Daydream also gives the ladies to grow and harness their creativity. I hope more people will also support Not a Daydream's cause so that there can be room for more women to join and help provide for their families."

What does "supporting local" mean to you ? 
Carol: "Choosing to support local brands that fairly employ Filipinos and give them a sustainable livelihood."

If you could share one piece of  advice to women entrepreneurs - what would it be.
Carol: "Learn to save and invest some of your earnings on another passive stream of income."   

How will you celebrate International Women's Day?
Carol: "Definitely going to brunch with one of my close female friends (need to keep groups small because of the pandemic) and calling the rest to say how thankful I am to have a circle of strong, independent women who build each other up."

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