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Circle of Empowerment: Sandra from Tribo Jewelry

Posted by Martine de Leeuw on
Circle of Empowerment: Sandra from Tribo Jewelry

Our next women in this serie is Sandra Vaz Birgido, Founder of Tribo Jewelry. Notadaydream collaborates with Sandra and her brand with a line of handmade jewelry that has touches of Ilocos fabrics and/or Pinatex. 

What does empowered women, empower women mean to you? Every woman should have their sense of self worth, the right to have and determine their own choices and the right to have opportunities and control their own lives within and outside home. Female empowerment is the key for a peaceful and prosperous world.

Why do you work with Notadaydream? I was invited by notadaydream to collaborate on a collection which makes me very proud that you believed in my work and very happy that a part of the proceeds from our collaboration contributes to your cause.

How can we empower more women?
I see notadaydream expanding their range of products giving opportunities to more women with different backgrounds and reaching a much wider community.

What does supporting local mean for you?
Choosing to spend within the community and knowing that I’m supporting the local economy. Choosing brands that employ local workers and utilize local materials.
If you can share one piece of advice for female enterpreneurs, what would it be?
Find your niche and believing that your product is unique. Don’t be envious be proactive.

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