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Curated: Beach essentials to match your Boracay bag

Posted by Martine de Leeuw on
Curated: Beach essentials to match your Boracay bag
Summer is (almost) there! And although you might not be traveling to any beach destination this year, you still can turn that sunny vibe on wherever you are! We’ve curated some beach essentials that go well with our beautiful Boracay bag and a summer state of mind!
  1. Beach poncho

    The soft poncho’s from WVN are handmade by local artisans, just like our bags. You can even mix & match with your kids!

  2. Kaftan dress 

    You can custom order your Kaftan dress from Maison Métisse. They're hand dyed with natural earth dyes and have beautiful finishing touches of embroidery.

  3. Tie-top

    A sure way to put your summer mind on are these tie-tops from Style Cat. Made from a linen blend and easy to adjust!

  4. Havaianas

    A must have. Go wild colour blocking or subtle ton-sur-ton. Whatever colour you have of the Boracay, you’ll find a matching Havaianas!

  5. Beach towel

    With fabrics from the same region as our bags, you can easily match your bag with a towel of Abel Philippines.

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