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Meet the team: Caren

Posted by Martine de Leeuw on
Meet the team: Caren

We want you to meet Caren. Another women who makes it possible for us to create beautiful bags. Caren is working with us from the start. She was already working with Bless the Children and decided to join our journey! We spoke with her recently regarding her working for Notadaydream.

What’s your favorite part of the bagmaking process?
Caren: “I trim all the bags. I really like this work. It’s an important part of the finishing touch of the bag.”

What’s important for you while working with Notadaydream?
Caren: “We work as a group together. So it’s important that we’re one team and understand each other as a group. We all have our lives and stories. I just want to be very good at my work and deliver good quality bags that people really like to wear. I also hope we’ll have more and more work.”

What’s your favorite bag and color?
Caren: “I like the handbag and my favorite color is coral. I’m very happy that we have this color again.”

What dream do you have?
Caren: “I want my two children to finish their school, that’s the most important for me. I would also like to have a new house, as we’re now living in a vulnerable place.”
Describe yourself in one line:
Caren: “I’m a good person and always willing to help.”
You can now read more about our team in the photography documentary book: ‘Mothers, striving for a better future’ made by Christelle Flish. Our mothers opened their doors to her to share all their stories. You can buy this book for only 720, all profits will go to our mothers!

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