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Meet the team: Rebecca

Posted by Martine de Leeuw on
Meet the team: Rebecca

We have a new team member! Her name is Rebecca and she is already for 1,5 year working at the Bless the Children Foundation. But with the start of this year, she is now also part of the Notadaydream team! We’re very happy to expand our team. Together they create the beautiful bags and cushion covers of Notadaydream. Without them we wouldn’t be able to create these unique handmade pieces!

Rebecca is a mom of six children and living only with her youngest daughter of 16, her husband died 8 years ago. We spoke with her recently regarding her working for Notadaydream.

What’s your favorite thing to sew?
Rebecca: “I like it all, from clothes and dresses to bags.”

Why do you want to work for Notadaydream?
Rebecca: “I like to work for Notadaydream to learn how to make different bag designs and increase my salary.”

What do you like to make from the Notadaydream collection?
Rebecca: “I like to make the cushion covers and the pouches. The cushion covers need the sharp lines and the pouches are so fun to make.”

What’s your favorite bag and color?
Rebecca: “I love the new Kibin Kibin Beach Bag! My favorite color of the Lollipop fabric is blue.

What dream do you have?
Rebecca: “I would like to have my own house. I want to save my money and being able to buy all my needs.”

Describe yourself in one line:
Rebecca: “I’m sometimes quite, sometime noisy.”


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