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Mabuhay! My name is Martha. I am Dutch. When moving to Manila  I did a slum tour with Smokey Tours, an organization that trains people from the slums to become tour leaders of the city and earn a living. In this tour I saw naked children, same age as my kids, scavenging dump sites between the stray dogs. 

When looking for ways to help, I discovered a thriving community of social enterprises and NGO livelihood programs. Being a mother of three myself, I was impressed by the organisations that train mothers – Nanays in the local language – to become artisans so they can earn an income for their families. Not just their situation but their power, the beauty of their craftsmanship and their cultural heritage were remarkable. I wanted to support these women by creating demand for their products. This demand currently is too small, making it difficult for the livelihood programs to be self supporting. With my corporate background in marketing and product development, the idea for Notadaydream was born.

I hope you enjoy our products and spread the word. That would help us tremendously to grow and support more families. Thank you.

Martha xx

Martha and the team