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Bags smelling of fish and other worries

Posted by Martha Wielens on
Bags smelling of fish and other worries

Bags smelling of fish and other worries

Our focus on quality is a constant battle and evolution process. Why? Some of the used weaves are not strong enough, meaning that the bag rips in corners once they are heavily loaded. Discussing criteria with our weave suppliers helps. The textiles around the rings rip – hence the fabric around the rings need to be reinforced. A toddler has used the bag instead of a bucket in the sea. This might happen more often - can we seal the seams to avoid water coming in in certain places? A liquid seam sealer works miracles. The bags smell of fish. So we have some team discussions - please don’t forget to wash your hands after having lunch. Even with handwashing the smell did not improve. What was going on? Is fish being fried in the workshop? Should we supply better soap? No, the epiphany came later: the new seam sealer smells of fish!

We get many requests for different types of bags, and we would love to accommodate. However, as you can see, even a simple beach bag has quite some challenges in product development! Since we owe you perfect products, please bear with us while we take time to test new products before producing in larger quantities. We are always on the lookout for feedback – please feel free to share any concerns or learnings!

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