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Meet the team: Thess

Posted by Martine de Leeuw on
Meet the team: Thess

Meet Thess! We are extremely happy that Thess is part of our team of Bag Makers that has been with the Notadaydream Brand since its beginning in 2017. Her family lives in the province and Thess actually lives during her work weeks in the building of the foundation. 

Thess is a dedicated and experienced member of our dream team of women. It is thanks to Thess and all the other mothers, we make the beautiful one-of-a-kind bags of Notadaydream - without them we wouldn’t be able to create these unique handmade pieces!

We spoke with her recently regarding her working for Notadaydream.

What’s your favorite part of your job at Notadaydream?
Thess: “I really like to sew. All bags, from Beach bag to Toiletry bag and Sling bag.”

What are you proud of working for Notadaydream?
Thess: “I’m proud of our quality of our seams, because it’s strong and polished. We make very durable products and it’s our job to make the best. The income is a big help for me and my family. I’m a single mom and very proud that I provide income for my family.”

What’s your favorite bag and color?
Thess: “I like the handbag, it’s simple but it rocks. A very convenient bag that looks cool and clean.”

What dream do you have?
Thess: “My dream is to have my own house and have a small business for myself in the future. For now I hope more blessings are coming to us and we have more orders for bags.”

Describe yourself in one line:
Thess: “I’m serious, especially when we have deadlines. But also known as the comedian of the team.”

You can now read more about our team in the photography documentary book: ‘Mothers, striving for a better future’ made by Christelle Flish. Our mothers opened their doors to her to share all their stories. You can buy this book for only 720, all profits will go to our mothers!

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