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Business update

Posted by Martha Wielens on
Business update

We are roughly one and a half year down the road and what have we accomplished?

  • We have a team of twelve mothers who work with us. Together they have more than 40 children and grandchildren who are able to go to school. Some mothers have improved the quality of their work and are able to work on more challenging products, generating more income than they had before. Other mothers had no sowing experience at all and are now able to earn an income.
  • In December last year we returned all profits made to the team in the form of Christmas bonusses.
  • The livelihood programs of two different NGOs have merged into one and are working together now, creating synergies on several levels.
  • On the back office side many steps have been taken too, such as business registrations, a webshop in two countries and accountancy support.
  • Next to beach bags in many different colors, we now also produce toiletry bags and pouches, and have a pipeline of new products coming up soon. Our product portfolio also enables less skilled sowers to earn an income with products that are easier to make.
  • Were we dependent mostly on bazars and pop ups during our first year, we now also sell at luxury hotel boutiques and high-end souvenir shops across Manila, enabling a constant income flow for the mothers, also outside the bazar season.
  • Consumer reviews are still very positive and many customers return to buy products for friends and family.

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