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The Filipina art of weaving

Posted by Martha Wielens on
The Filipina art of weaving

Weaving is a fundamental part of the cultural heritage of the Philippines. In this country, with all its tribes across thousands of islands, textiles are part of our cultural identity. Each region has its own type of weaving, each tribe its own patterns and colors that distinguishes it from others. The Filipino people are superstitious, and patterns have symbolisms that can go centuries back. Unfortunately, the art of weaving is less and less popular, and it is a dying tradition. Whilst in many rural area’s weaving could still mean an income, where there are few other opportunities for income generation from home or in combination with caring for the family. Several fashion brands in the Philippines are using the traditional textiles now in new combinations and the trend is picking up. By reinvigorating the weaving industry we do not only create a means of income for those who need it, but we also celebrate the cultural diversity of the Filipino people.

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