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Circle of Empowerment: Bambina from Manila House

Posted by Martine de Leeuw on
Circle of Empowerment: Bambina from Manila House

Our next women in this serie is Bambina Olivares, Journalist and Director of PR & programming of Manila House. Bambina is a great supporter and is continously helping to get our story across.

What does empowered women, empower women mean to you? 
Bambina: "I think that we women don’t guard our success jealously; we are always happy to help another woman find her voice and reach for her goals."

Why do you work with Notadaydream? 

Bambina: "There are stories that need to be told.  I simply helped Not a Daydream tell their story to a larger audience."

How can we empower more women?
Bambina: "Apart from providing employment for women, it’s important that they learn financial literacy so that their earnings are protected and wisely spent.  I realize many women lead a hand-to-mouth existence, but knowing how to manage your finances, no matter your income level, is empowering."

What does supporting local mean for you?
Bambina: "Elevating locally sourced, designed and crafted products, but insisting on excellence."

If you can share one piece of advice for female enterpreneurs, what would it be?
Bambina: "I wouldn’t presume to dispense any advice. Journalists are often terrible entrepreneurs, unfortunately."

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