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Circle of empowerment: Mons Romulo

Posted by Martine de Leeuw on
Circle of empowerment: Mons Romulo

In this new serie we are featuring women who are part of our circle of empowerment. Meet Mons Romulo, founder of Katutubo pop-up market and journalist.

Tell us what does our mission - empowered women, empower women - means to you? 
Mons: "An empowered woman lead by example, she makes decisions based on what  is best for the greatest majority and is willing to do what’s best for the community without expecting recognition in return."
Describe how you have supported us and why you chose us as a partner?
Mons: "I believe and admire the women leading “Not A Day Dream” and the women creating these beautiful Philippine made bags this is why we have invited them to showcase their lovely high quality products at the Katutubo Pop Up."

How can we empower more women in our community? What steps can we take to create more opportunities for women? 
Mons: "We can empower more women by making them financially independent and teaching them to produce high quality products.  Creating good quality products are important  to be able to create a loyal market who will trust, support and purchase these products."

What does "supporting local" mean to you ? 
Mons: "Supporting Local means buying, proudly wearing/using and giving local products as gifts made by our local weavers and merchants."

If you could share one piece of  advice to women entrepreneurs - what would it be.
Mons: "Always think out of the box. Always be open to learning new skills. Always welcome competition because the market is wide and big for everyone to succeed. And always be humble."

How will you celebrate International Women's Day?
Mons: "Women’s Day is everyday. We should always support and be there for each other."

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