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Launch: Night Sky Collection

Posted by Martine de Leeuw on
Launch: Night Sky Collection

We have a new collection! For our Night Sky collection we got inspired by the beautiful bright skies and stars at night in the Philippines. For the first time it’s a collection with only darker fabrics. For all of you who love to wear our bags as well during an evening out, a weekend getaway or the darker days during winter period all over the world.

We’re using for this collection our signature Lollipop fabric, but this time in all black! Also we found again some beautiful Kibin Kibin fabric, which means holding hands together in Ilocano – the traditional language of the region where our weavers are based. Traditionally this fabric given as a gift to someone you want to spend your lifetime with. We’ve chosen to add this fabric to this collection because we want to emphasize on the power of love. Whether you gift a product or use it yourself, you’ll be surrounded by long lasting love.

“Cause you’re a sky, cause you’re a sky full of stars, I’m gonna give you my heart” Coldplay

The Night Sky collection is only available for a limited time and includes two new products. Please meet the Luna Shoulder Bag, a new design based on our Sling Bag, with a beautiful light black resin short chain and all details are in gunmetal! We’re in love!

We’ve also added a Mini Pouch to the Palawan Pouch collection, ideal to use as a purse or to store some make-up for on the go. So from large, small to mini Pouch, you can mix & match and use them for all circumstances.

Check out our collection and get your limited edition Night Sky items!


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