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Meet the team: new owners Notadaydream

Posted by Martine de Leeuw on
Meet the team: new owners Notadaydream

Hi! Since the beginning of this year Notadaydream has two new owners. Martha, founder of Notadaydream, returned to The Netherlands and therefore she was looking for someone who could takeover. And guess what? She found two! With the booming business and potential of the brand the team is ready for the next steps. Meet Martine & Sheri!

Sheri Scott-De León

I met Martha, the Founder of Notadaydream while I was searching for a new challenge after moving to Manila with my family as new expats and she was looking for a successor. I was so inspired at what she had accomplished with the Notadaydream brand here in the Philippines. After visiting the team of women entrepreneurs, I knew immediately this was something that I wanted to be a part of and give back. My background in Fashion Marketing, and having previously worked with emerging designers and textIiles in Latin America, as well as a ten-year career in Business development were my professional skills that I wanted to bring to the Notadaydream team. I felt that my talents aligned well with where we wanted to go with this amazing brand and realize it’s full potential.

In January the adventure started. I am so happy to be working together with Martine and was impressed with her drive to take this social brand to the next level. I love the fact that we both share our common goal of - empowered women empower women - and we firmly believe in continuing to provide and create these economic opportunities that our beautiful bags allow for our dream team of women. I truly feel that I am doing what I love to do; empower women and create beautiful sustainable products while giving back!

Martine de Leeuw

After we, as a family, decided to move to The Philippines, I got in touch with Martha to learn more about living in Manila. Among many other exciting things, she told me about Notadaydream and this was fully in line with my ideas of working abroad. With over 10 years experience in PR and communications I started my own business in 2016. With every project I did I focused more on how to combine doing business and doing good. During a quick visit to Manila in November I met the Notadaydream team and learned more about the business. The amazing work Martha and the team accomplished is something that must be continued! I saw so many opportunities for this social brand, I couldn’t wait to get started.

#givebag - In January when I arrived in Manila, I immediately started working on this new adventure. I’m thrilled to work with Sheri since I believe together we can move mountains. But it’s not at all just about the two of us. I love being able to share my commercial knowledge and skills to empower the women of the team. And at the same time, to make beautiful products that people really want to buy. Not only because the product is made responsibly, but also because people love the brand and products. I believe this is what all businesses should strive.

We love to get to know you better as well! Since this is physically not (yet) possible, please share virtually your stories, questions and wishes for the product & brand! We hope to see you soon!

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