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Meet the team: Arlyn

Posted by Martine de Leeuw on
Meet the team: Arlyn

We want to share with you the amazing team of women behind the Notdaydream brand who make our beautiful bags. Without them, we would not be able to create these gorgeous bags made with unique Philippine handwoven textiles. The first mother is Arlyn! 

Arlyn is our cutting champion. For her, this is the best part of the bag making process and she is an expert in cutting all fabrics to the right size for the right product. Arlyn began working with Notadaydream in 2018. 

We recently spoke with Arlyn about her working with Notadaydream. 

What do you like about working with Notadaydream and making bags?
Arlyn: “I’m proud to be part of the team because we gain knowledge together while doing our work as a group. It’s important to have good team work so we can comfortably work together.

What changed for you because of your job?
Arlyn: "I'm very happy to have one child enrolled in school and being able to provide all her children with 3 meals a day. This all came when I started working for Notadaydream via the Bless the Children Foundation.   

What dream do you have?
Arlyn: "All I want is to give my children a good future for a better life”.  

What's your favorite bag and color?
Arlyn: "I would go for the sling bag. And I love fuchsia pink!"

Describe yourself in one line:
Arlyn: "I am a crazy workaholic and a single Mom!"

Arlyn her house, including her sewing machine, unfortunately burned down during the Tondo fires in March. With help of funds of the community of Notadaydream she was able to buy a new sewing machine. This will allow her to continue generating an income while working from home. Arlyn is just back in a new house with her 3 children. 


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