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Meet the team: Berna

Posted by Martine de Leeuw on
Meet the team: Berna

We are so happy to introduce to you another valued member of our team - meet Berna! It is only with our dream team of women that we're able to make the beautiful bags of Notadaydream. Without them, we wouldn’t be able to create these unique handmade pieces!

Berna is a single mom after the sudden death of her husband in 2017. Before Notadaydream she was at home taking care of her children. Due to the death in her family she needed to find an income and was very happy to join the livelihood program of Bless the Children Foundation. She started working with the Notadaydream team in 2018.

We spoke with her recently regarding her working for Notadaydream.

What’s your favorite part of the bag making process?
Berna: “I like to trim the bags. If it’s not done properly I’ll do it again, it needs to be the best result I can give.”

What’s important for you while working with Notadaydream?
Berna: “We work as a group together. So it’s important that we’re one team and understand each other as a group. We all have our lives and stories. I just want to be very good at my work and deliver good quality bags that people really like to wear. I also hope we’ll have more and more work.”

What do you like about working with Notadaydream?
Berna: “I’m very proud of our work. I like to do different things, but all are adding up to the quality of the bags. Like the trim, my favorite part, it’s a very precise job to do. But I also put the extra layers in the bags to make it more sturdy for better usage and quality. We call this the milk, because it’s a white layer between the fabric and water repellent inner.”

What’s your favorite bag and color?
Berna: “I like the handbag in red. It’s a nice color and doesn’t get dirty too easy.”

What dream do you have?
Berna: “I would like to have my own house and land. I also want my children being able to finish their school and that they help each other.”

You can now read more about our team in the photography documentary book: ‘Mothers, striving for a better future’ made by Christelle Fisch. Our mothers opened their doors to her to share all their stories. You can buy this book for only 720, all profits will go to our mothers!

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