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New: Notadaydream Collab

Posted by Martine de Leeuw on
New: Notadaydream Collab

We always get a lot of questions about the impact we are making and how people can help us with our goal. We love receiving this question as we truly believe that together we can make more of an impact. We are so excited to officially introduce to you Notadaydream Collab!

Collaborate & give back
Do you want to give a socially good gift this year? We would love the opportunity to partner with you! Together we can co-design your gifts for employers, customers and/or other stakeholders in your organization. Also,we are open to different design ideas that reflect your company's vision. We already partnered with companies such as KLM and Vroon to make a special collection for them and they were able to give a "socially good" gift for both their employees and their clients.

If you want to make an impact and give back to The Philippines during these unprecedented times we are living now; with our Notadaydream Collab you will have a direct impact. Not only to the daily life of our mothers but also of their children (because they will go to school as their mother able to continue working!)

There is no minimum order quantity as every single bag will make a difference. With your support, you also help our small local brand grow! And.. owning a Notadaydream bag not only changes life for our team, but makes as well proud & happy owners.

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